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    Friday, 30 June 2017

    How i told Andrea barzagli to become a defender

    Juventus educate massimiliano allegri has said he counseled andrea barzagli to exchange from midfield to defence when the pair played together in italy’s 1/3 division.

    Allegri and barzagli were teammates at pistoiese in 2000 when allegri noticed that his colleague changed into now not gambling to his strengths.

    “i was approaching the end of my career so i used to be nearly a former player already whilst he was best beginning and he became gambling in midfield,” allegri informed sky sport italia.

    “i advised him that if he carried on gambling that manner, he could by no means have played higher than the 0.33 department.

    “i said that if he wanted a specific type of profession, he needed to change — he had to drop back 15 metres.”

    Barzagli, 36, went directly to star for ascoli, chievo, palermo and wolfsburg earlier than joining juventus in 2011.

    Allegri, meanwhile, ended his gambling days in 2003 earlier than training aglianese, ars et labor, grosseto, lecco, sassuolo and cagliari.
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    He joined ac milan in 2010 and led them to the name, recalling: “i informed [president Silvio] berlusconi that if he sold me [Zlatan] ibrahimovic we would win the scudetto, and so it proved.
    “i’m grateful to berlusconi and [Adriano] galliani, who took me from cagliari and gave me the possibility to educate milan.

    “in my second year, a few players were finishing their careers and we struggled, but usual it become four fantastic years.
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    “within the first  years, i coached a group of champions which i would have favored to have coached for six or seven years.”

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