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    Thursday, 6 July 2017

    Have you seen those football legends that never recieved yellow card

    While many footballers like Lee Cattermole, Gareth Barry, Walter Gargano are always getting booked by refree but here are some legends that never got booked throughout their lifetime in playing football.
    1. Willian Ralph “Dixie” Dean – (1923 – 1940)
    Dean is an Everton legend and although he played for five clubs during his career in football, he spent most of his professional career playing at the Godison park and scoring 349 goals in 399 appearances. All time playing no bookings
    5 world class players who never received bookings
    2. William Ambrose “Billy” Wright – (1939 – 1959)
    A man for Wolverhampton Wanderers , Billy Wright was the first player that had 100 appearances for his country.
    He also takes the record for being the player who had the longest playing time in international football. And another record for being the longest captain for the England national team have ever had: leading the three lions of England to 3 FIFA world cup. He tops one of the legends that were never booked
    5 world class players who never received bookings
    Billy Wright
    3. Sir Stanley Mathews – (1932 – 1965)
    Sir Stanley Mathews spent most of his years playing football at stoke city, he holds the honour of being the only footballers to have been knighted during his professional playing career.
    He played in top division for 50years in a roll. Stan was also the first ever player to win the European Footballer of the Year award and also the Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year award in the that same year. For over the 50 years of playing he was never given a discipline booking
    5 world class players who never received bookings
    4. Gary Lineker – (1978 – 1994)
    He played for Everton, Barcelona and Tottenham where he is considered as a legend for the clubs he had played for. Lineker was honoured with the FIFA Fair Play Award in 1990. After all time playing he was never booked
    5 world class players who never received bookings
    Linekar in action
    5. William Beveridge “Billy” Liddell – (1938 – 1961)
    Lindell was recognise all over the world for his strenght,pace,control in football all over the world. Liddel was nicknamed ‘Liddlepool’ given the kind of gentleman. Throughout his time of play the also had no bookings from the refree
    5 world class players who never received bookings

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