Cloud 9 Via Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage? Answer: Cloud storage pertains to saving data on a storage apparatus maintained by a 3rd party. Instead of storing data on native applications such as your computer's hard drive, you save it in a remote database. Connection between the database and your computer is provided via the internet. It is has nothing to do with the weather or cloud systems. Cloud storage providers give shared services and infrastructure convergence. This is meant to allow organizations to get their applications up and running faster, with less maintenance and easier manageability. Therefore allowing IT to adjust IT resources at a very fast pace to satiate inconstant business demand. The ever increasing presence of high capacity networks, storage devices, and cheaper computers, besides service-oriented architecture, virtualization, autonomic and utility computing have led to colossal growth of this service. The result is that it is as good as software programs installed locally on end-user computers. Equipment such as laptops, desktop computers, smart-phones and tablets are used to access cloud computing. With HTML5 and AJAX these user interfaces seem similar to, or perhaps even better than, native applications. However, some persons have raised privacy and security issues on cloud storage/computing. Cryptography, particularly public key infrastructure, to use of multiple cloud providers, standardization of APIs, and improving virtual machine support and legal support have emerged as very effective solutions to these. Current cloud storage providers offer online storage way out for both businesses and individuals at affordable costs. One of the biggest benefits given by cloud storage providers is that the customer only needs to pay for only the amount of storage used they do not have to pay extra, there no hidden charges. The result being that cloud database service is now becoming a rage. Some of the cloud database providers give services such as advanced storage problem way out that complement the needs, backup-as-a-service, file-servers-as-a-service, disaster-recovery-as-a-service, business-continuity-as-a-service, archival-as-a-service, compliance: PCI, HIPPA, SAS70. They also offer custom cloud storage, API and SNIA CDMI support, implementation of storage controllers and data-migration services. For companies into IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and cloud platform provider, the platform is developed, designed, supported and tested. They also help cloud database providers provide SNIA CDMI support for third-party application integration, customize cloud storage API, support leading storage key, help in data migration services, scalability and performance testing of your platform.
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